Nuclear Installations

There are several thousand nuclear installations across Europe and the world, as well as companies that use nuclear products. This everyday use carries a rare but very real risk of contamination for their staff. Despite the excellent safety protocols that have been put in place at these companies, any incident, accident or attack is likely to result in medium- or large-scale nuclear contamination of both employees and the general population. Until now, there has been no medical device capable of treating, on any scale, people exposed to external contamination from radioactive substances such as Uranium, Plutonium, Thorium, Americium, Cobalt, Caesium and Strontium.

Laboratoire Cevidra manufactures and sells the world’s only patented medical device that instantly neutralises skin contamination from these radioelements, preventing them from entering the body and therefore limiting both internal contamination and the need for extensive treatment. This medical device comes in the form of a dermatological chelating nanoemulsion containing carboxylic calix[6]arene to treat contamination of the skin and hair. Since 2018 it has been available to governments, the nuclear industry and armed forces in Europe, Russia, Japan and North America under the brand name Cevidra® Calixarene.